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Betalight b.v is the leading supplier of Gaseous Tritium Light sources, also known as “Betalights” and Gaseous Tritium Light Devices. Our products are used in safety and emergency applications all over the world.

We also provides Tritium illumination for over 600 NATO stock numbers / weapon systems like watches, gun sights, compasses, gauges, dials and other lighting applications.

Betalights are unique, providing a highly reliable and continuous light source throughout a long service life of 15 years without the need for any kind of electrical power. After the service life of 10/ 15 years we take back the expired products for recycling.



Our assortment is divided into different categories

Light Sources For different applications - Custom made betalights
Civil Market Fire & safety signs - Various route markers - Door handles
Aircraft Industry A/C exit signs - Chair and path markers - Aircraft sign comparator - Different light sources for various gauges
Offshore & Maritime           Offshore & Fire safety signs
Military / Outdoor Tritium illuminated compasses - Torche - Tactical Watches - Kit-markers - Map readers - BetaMarkers - Glowpads
MoD    Tritium sight illumination - Aiming post markers - Defile markers - Peglights - and many other products, please see our NSN list
Disposal / Recycling         Gaseous Tritium Light Sources or Light Devices (GTLS & GTLD)

Tactile Wayguidance

Glow in the dark tape, anti-slip tape, route markers, pictograms, stair profiles, evacuation plans and pictograms for trains and stations


Self-Luminous Safety Products

Completely independent, Maintenance free, 
No external power

Self-Luminous Safety Signs

Absolute reliability, Maintenance-free, 
No batteries, bulbs or switches

Outdoor and Tactical Devices

Water resistant, Absolute reliability,



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